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Welcome to Coach Masters' Space! Glad you stopped by to see what's happening in the CCMS Health and PE Department.



During the month of December, 6th-8th grade Physical Education classes begin the infamous "Super Stars"
This competition tests students academically, physically, socially, and artistically with the heavy emphasis on team work. 
For 8th grade health, we are cover topics of reproduction, alcohol, tobacco products, vaping, and illegal substances

We have a few more days to finish your assignments and tests. Please go to our health google classroom. All passwords for the tests and assignments are on there.

Name your workout - that's right each letter of your name has a certain amount of exercises. Do the exercises for each letter of your full name. 
Example: Cornelius Crane Chase     a.k.a. Chevy Chase
The C - 30 squats, O - 40 jumping jacks...ect

Here it is the last test of the year for Health Class!! Remember you can use your notes and study guides to help take the test! Hopefully you enjoy your week!!

May the fourth be with you! Hope you enjoyed the awesome weather we had over the weekend as much as I did. Please follow along each day with the workout provided each day and have fun doing it! If you can get in some extra exercise outside when the weather permits it

May the fourth be with you! Hope you enjoyed the awesome weather we had over the weekend as much as I did. Please read through the pdf files to find your answers for your study guide that is due a week from today. I will send out a corrected study guide on Monday, May 11 and a test on Tuesday. Have a great week!!

Good morning. Please check the study guide for this week that has all the answers on it so you can use to correct your study guide from last week. I'll also drop a test on here Wednesday. Remember that you can use your study guide to help you on the test!

Good morning! Hopefully you like to play monopoly and if you don't know how - here's your chance. Fun Family Fitness Monopoly Week! Enjoy!

Some exciting workouts for this week! Make sure you answer the question on Friday of what your favorite workout was for the entire week! Get your body moving, stay fit, stay healthy, and have fun! 

Please "turn in" your finished study guide. You will take an assessment this week. you can use all the readings and study guide for the test. Check out google classroom for online passcode

815-634-5039 x 6208