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Mr. Fatigante's Mathematics Home Page

Hello! My name is Mr. Tommy Fatigante and I am starting my third year as a middle school mathematics educator. This year, I will be teaching 6th and 7th grade mathematics. I attended Joliet Junior College and earned my Associate in Arts. From there, I went to Illinois State University and earned my Bachelors in Secondary Mathematics Education and my endorsement in Middle Level Mathematics Education. Besides being a mathematics teacher, I also coach CCMS math team and track, and also JV Soccer at the high school level.
Throughout the school year, students will be learning a variety of topics. These topics include; fractions and decimals, ratios, equations, percents, and even geometry! Students will be exploring these topics through discovery learning and group work. I am a firm believer that students learn better when working with their peers. I always tell my students that "two brains are better than one when solving a math problem!" While I want students to learn these fundamental math skills, my goal is to have students learn skills in problem solving, reasoning, and collaboration that will help them in the real world.
Phone Number: (815) 634-5039 X 6615
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