Scholastic Bowl team comes up one question short

The  Coal City Middle School Coaler Scholastic Bowl Team came up one question short of becoming the IVC conference champions on Wednesday, April 10  losing to a very tough Morris Grade School by a score of  270 to 260.  Jaiden Leman led the scoring in the championship round by scoring 50 toss-up points while Abi Rose added 20 and the trio of Brady Pierson, Xavier Baer and Carson Dearth each added 10 points in the championship round.  


To get to the final round the Coalers defeated the Wildcats of Wilmington 305 to 100 with Brady Pierson and Jaiden Leman leading the scoring with 40 toss-up points each while the ferocious Xavier Baer added 30 and Carson Dearth and Abi Rose each added 10 points to the win.  


It was a tremendous night of competition helping ready the Coalers for the upcoming state regionals match on  April 24.