Coach Yedinak's Physical Education page.

Welcome to my Middle School Physical Education webpage. I teach six classes of physical education (two 8th grade, two 7th grade, and two 6th grade). My goal is to promote physical fitness and to teach students the value of proper health. We will set goals, work on skill development, improve social skills, develop sportsmanship and improve on our own personal physical fitness levels. We will accomplish these goals through a variety of fitness activities, athletics and games. I look forward to a fantastic year filled with lots of fun and hard work!
 Week of Sept 25-Sept 29
   All Physical Education Classes
Monday Review for test
Tuesday Test!!
Wednesday Fitness
Thursday Fitness
Friday Fun Friday!
Weekly schedule-
8th grade PE-8:30-9:08
8th grade PE-9:08-9:46
6th grade PE-11:06-11:44
6th grade PE-12:16-12:54
7th grade PE-12:56-1:34
7th grade HR-1:36-2:12
7th grade PE-2:12-2:50
Warrior Time-2:50-3:20
All physical education students will need to purchase a PE uniform for the year. This uniform can be purchased at our high school through our Coaler Creations store. The link to purchase in on our school website-
-Middle School
-Scroll down under Recent news (keep scrolling)
-CCMS PE uniforms
-Fill out the form on the left side of the page for a shirt and shorts
All PE uniforms will be delivered to the middle school by the high school staff. If you have any questions please contact myself of Mr. Johnson. The first day to wear the uniform is Monday, August 28th. 
You may reach me by email-
[email protected]
or by phone-
ext. 6212