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Coach Yedinak's Physical Education page.

Welcome to my Middle School Physical Education webpage. I currently teach six classes of physical education on a daily basis (two 8th grade, two 7th grade and two 6th grade). My goal is to help students lead a physically active healthy lifestyle. I wish to promote physical activity and to teach them skills that they will use throughout their entire lives. I will also introduce them to all types of physical fitness! Along with teaching, I also coach 8th grade volleyball.
Daily Class Schedule-
1st hour-8th grade physical education 8:30-9:10
2nd hour-8th grade physical education 9:10-9:52
3rd hour-7th grade physical education 9:52-10:35
4th hour-7th grade physical education 10:35-11:17
6th hour-6th grade physical education 11:53-12:33
7th hour-6th grade physical education 12:33-1:15
Plan/Prep 1:15-2:43
6th grade Homeroom 2:43-3:20
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