Hello! I'm Mrs. Dziuban. I teach STEM for 6th, 7th and 8th grades at Coal City Middle School! 
STEM at CCMS is part of the quarterly, 9-week, Encore rotation for our students.
My goal is to make learning STEM a fun, interactive experience! I hope we have a wonderful year together!
7th Grade 6th Grade 8th Grade
**Click on the buttons to go each Virtual Classroom. This is an interactive space that contains links that are helpful during class**
(All information can be found in Google Classroom as well)
Students, please log on to Google Classroom for your e-Learning experience:
7th Grade
6th Grade
8th Grade
7th Spanish 2.1 Google Classroom 6th Spanish 3.1 Google Classroom 8th Spanish 4.1 Google Classroom
7th Spanish 2.2 Google Classroom 6th Spanish 3.2 Google Classroom 8th Spanish 4.2 Google Classroom
The links above are direct links to the "Classwork" sections in Google Classroom.
Work will be organized for students in the "Classwork" tab of Google Classroom at the top of the screen
Quarter 1 will begin Tuesday, August 17th. Click here to learn some information about your Quarter 1 STEM class.
STEM Class Information
8:20-9:40 am
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