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6th Grade No School
Velocity and Acceleration
ELearning: Alka-Seltzer Lab
Speed, Velecoity, Acceleration Quiz
Go over Alkaseltzer Lab
Speed, Velecoity, Acceleration Quiz
7th Grade No School Analyzing Clinical Trials.
Qualitative and Quantitative Data
Qualitative and Quantitative Data
Medicine Role Play
ELearning: Current Event Topic and Form
8th Grade No School
Hess Model Activity
Hess's Evidences
Wegener Hess Quiz
ELearning: Tectonic Plates reading and worksheet
Wegener Hess Quiz Finish Wegener and Continental Drift
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Class Schedule
6th Grade 8:20-9:20
8th Grade 9:24-10:24
7th Grade 11:30-12:30
Remote 2:00-3:00